the goal is to give you a closer look into our life together, right?

so please, ask away!

here we gooooooooooo

how did you & ryan meet/ how old were you guys when you first started dating?

alright, I don’t think you guys are going to be expecting this one! I was 17 & ry was 18 when we first met… & we met on twitter!!!!!!!!!! yes, he “slid into my DM’s” or whatever! he literally messaged me “what’s your number?”& I gave it to him, of course! I mean, look at the frickin’ guy. the very next day he texted me asking me for my address & I gave that to him also… what was I thinking?! he could have been some crazy looney! luckily, he wasn’t. actually, he was nothing short of amazing from the moment I met him. that night, we stayed up until 4 am talking about everything under the moon. & if you have read “just the two of us…“, you know that we have spent every single day together since that night & I wouldn’t change a thang. I love you bub, thank you for giving me the greatest gift in the world.

do you & ry fight a lot/what do you fight about?

fight? definitely not! butt heads on the daily & kind of want to stab one another in the jugular? YES. we have lived together for quite some time now, so I am fully aware of the annoying things that I can do to start an argument & he knows how to push my buttons (like no other), but we have much more important things to do than argue about why he put his dishes next to the sink instead of simply rinsing them & putting them into the dishwasher (so damn simple), or not letting charlie jump on the bed as soon as we get home from the barn because she’s (supposedly) covered in dirt & horse poop :-). we’ve learned that its easier to simply just let things go. especially since we have our sweet baby boy & we just love each other too damn much to argue over petty nonsense. if there is something that one of us is not happy about, we can almost always just talk it out. I have learned more from our relationship, than I have from anything else in my life, besides parenthood. I have especially learned it’s normal to disagree on things, that doesn’t mean you need to be bent out of shape over it. a disagreement is a disagreement. just brush it off! life’s too short to not enjoy every single moment spent with your loved ones!

how do you guys have such an amazing relationship?

we wake up everyday & choose each other. it’s that easy. every single day, that man finds a different way to show me that he loves me & kane more than anything. & I do the same. our relationship is always at the tip-top of our list, right next to being awesome parents to the sweetest boy in the world.

do you plan on getting married?

UMMMMMMMMMM, YES!!! but, we do want to wait a couple of years. I’m one of those “crazy has had their entire wedding planned out since the age of 10 kind of girls & THAT wedding is just not in the budget right now! I cant wait to marry this man o’ mine though… seriously.

did you guys have any issues telling friend or family that you were having a baby?

actually, no! we really didn’t have any issues telling friends & family. in all honesty… I think they were all kind of expecting it. I was SO SICK & bloated, if they would have acted surprised, we would have known they were faking it, lol. everyone was really excited, for the most part! I mean, my dad had a mini heart attack, but he bounced back quickly.

how did you come up with the name kane?

ry came up with the name kane, just like he did with all three of our fur babies! we were on our way home from a movie one night, & he blurted out “KANE, KANE!!!! babe KANE!!!” I didn’t even have to think about it. I loved it & a few months later, our kane came into the world.

what do both of you do for a living?

ryan works for my brother-in law’s avocado company… yep, you see their product every time you walk into the grocery store! & me? I train hunter/jumper horses & teach people how to ride! I’ve been riding my whole life & I absolutely love doing it for a living!

what was your labor & delivery like with kane?

well, I wont pretend it was all sunshine & rainbows, because it was not. with that being said, I would do it a million times over again if I had to, just to have my kane. I was the happiest woman on earth as soon as he was here, but it was definitely a roller-coaster ride! I had something called preeclampsia. it is a condition that causes extremely high blood pressure & eventually, organ damage. my doctor discovered that I had pre-e very late in my pregnancy & I am very thankful that kane & I are alive today. it  I plan to write a blog post about my delivery/our first few months with kane, so I will definitely give the full story then!

where is the dress from your family pictures from & the boots?

the dress, I got from a store called angl! I love that store. & the boots, ry got me for christmas a few years back & he can’t remember where he bought them (typical)!

are you guys going to star vlogging/ make a youtube channel?

yes, we 100%, most definitely are! we plan to start vlogging within the next week, or so & I cant wait to share with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

does kane love all your pets?

oh my gosh, YES! & if you follow me on social media, you know he is just as animal crazy as me! he loves dogs, cats, goats, horses, & even lizards! but at home, charlie is definitely his go-to girl. rylee is becoming a close second. he loves our kitties, but they like to do their own thing most of the time!

charlie is laying on me, like a lap dog, as I’m writing this right now…

was it scary becoming parents so young/ did it change your relationship?

at the very beginning, I don’t think we were scared but we were definitely nervous! thinking back, we should have been more scared than we were. more than anything, we were incredibly excited. especially after we found out we were having a boy! over & over again I heard, “babe, I just want to have a son before a daughter so badly!” words can’t even express how pumped we were to be having a baby boy, lol. fear did eventually kick in though. there were nights when I would get emotional thinking “what if things get hard?!” & ry saying, “we’re having a baby kristen. it’s going to get hard. it will always be worth it, but it will also always be hard!” then the real fear kicked in when I went to the doctor at not-even 37 weeks & my doctor said to me, “you need to go to the hospital & have this baby as soon as you can!“… yeah. I was allowed to be scared at that point. but as soon as he got here,  nothing was scary anymore. it came so natural for both of us, we got really lucky. we were so unbelievably happy. he changed everything, especially our relationship. in all good ways. it taught me more patience & it taught him to step outside of his comfort zone. it showed me that he is the most amazing life partner in the world & it showed him that we really can do anything, as long as we are together. becoming parents at a young age is the best thing that ever happened to our relationship, I never thought I could possibly have loved him more until I saw him love our son.

what’s the best advice you can give to other girls, about guys?

wait for the guy that loves you for you. wait for the guy who brings you flowers for no reason. wait for the guy who would do anything to make you happy. IT’S WORTH IT. I swear to you it’s so beyond worth it. it makes me sick to see how many girls are getting their hearts broken because they don’t want to be alone. there are some damn good guys out there! men that are actually worthy of you. seriously. if he’s blatantly mean to you? he doesn’t care. if he puts his friends before you? you’re not the one for him. if he doesn’t care how you feel about anything & everything? you can’t force him to. don’t sell yourself short for someone who treats you like crap! the right guy is going to come along when you least expect it. I was a complete WILD CHILD when ryan came along!!!! it was the best & most unexpected thing to happen in my life.

what is the best part about being a mama?

okay, this question is almost impossible to answer! everything. hehe, just kiddin’! seriously though, there are so many indescribable things about being a mom,  I will have to touch more on this, in better detail, in my blog posts. BUT, I think one of my favorite things about being kane’s mama is how, no matter how bad of a day he’s having, I can make it better. I am his mama & he needs me. there is no better feeling than curing a tooth ache or a belly ache by simply holding my tiny person in my arms & kissing his forehead.