try to keep up…

get yourself a plant based booty.

day in & day out, I am receiving heaps of messages about how I achieved not only my current body, but my overall health & wellness.

“whats your secret?!” – “what are you eating?!” – “please tell me your diet & workout routine!” – “I need to be doing whatever it is that you’re doing!” – “you look amazing!” – “I want a body like yours!” 

I appreciate your support & kind words SO MUCH.

& I am so excited to share that I owe it all to Arbonne.

 & of course, my killer weekly workout routine.

some of you may have never even heard of this incredible company & their life changing, organic, certified vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, soy free, dairy free, paraben free, botanically based, mineral oil free (whew!) products & I am so PUMPED to be sharing this all with you.


OH & Arbonne doesn’t test on animals either. #WINNING.

before my boss-babe sister introduced me to Arbonne, I sincerely thought I would never actually get my “pre-baby” body back. little did I know, Arbonne was not only going to help me achieve that, but SO much more. I sincerely didn’t know I could ever look or feel this good. right before this incredible company popped into my life, I had just recently started hitting the gym again & was starting to see some results, but nothing drastic. nothing even close to the results that I wanted to see. I was slowly transferring to vegan-ism & just needed that extra push to get as healthy as I possibly could. that was when my sister presented me with Arbonne’s “30 days to healthy living special value nutrition pack”.

THIS PROGRAM changed my life. okay, not only did it change my life, it changed my whole family’s way of life & I am forever grateful for that. we have never been happier or healthier & we’re only going’ up from here!

my body began to love me more than ever before. my waist was slimming & my (newly plant-based) booty was growing. my cellulite was dissapearing. my legs were becoming perfectly toned & I started to feel stronger than I ever thought possible.

I went from having NO butt (& I mean NO butt), awkwardly carrying my fat in ALL the wrong places, tons of cellulite & poor skin – to having an awesome, muscular + bigger butt, carrying literally no weight in my midsection, virtually no cellulite & glowing clear skin in 30 days… 30 freakin’ days people!

it’s insane to me how much your body can change in just 30 days, when it’s being fueled by all of the right things.

one of my favorite parts, everything tastes AMAZING. & I mean that with every inch of my being. my sweet boyfriend, who used to eat hot cheetos & red bull for breakfast, literally begs me to make him his “special” shake & fizzy every morning.

the first time we made protein shakes with the chocolate Arbonne protein, we looked at each other & started giggling. the first thing out of Ryan’s mouth was, ” I never want to see the bottom of my cup!”

plant protein tastes FANTASTIC. whey protein tastes like (& is) CHEMICALS.

& it’s not just the shakes + supplements – the protein bars are insane (cranberry & pumpkin seed is my fav), the fizzy sticks are everything #gimmeallthefizz, the detox tea is so refreshing & the cleanse makes me feel like a million bucks every time.  even better, all of this is included in the nutrition pack!

& & & everything is so affordable. we have cut our grocery spending almost in half!!!

as you all can probably tell at this point, this program was a game changer for me.

so much so, that i took the opportunity to start my own business with Arbonne. I mean, who doesn’t want to help others achieve their dream body & make money doin’ it?

every human being that becomes a preferred client & purchases a nutrition pack (which includes the 30 days to healthy living guide) from me or spends over $150 will receive a free $50 gift of your choice & my workout program as well + a weekly chat where we will discuss your goals & talk about your progress + a monthly mix-up routine, just to throw a little curveball at ya. if you spend less than $150, you will receive my fitness program, but not a $50 gift.  

arbonne nutrition special value pack.

the “arbonne nutrition special value pack” (my life saver) will last you a whole 30 days (& some) & includes an entire meal plan + shake recipes + complete grocery list. retail value is $469, but when you buy it from me, its only $241.20 & you get a free $50 gift + my weekly 5-day fitness program. ūüôā

if the nutrition pack is out of your budget right now, you can always start out with the basics & go from there! the basics would be *one bag of protein powder, one box of fizz sticks & the 7-day cleanse (magic)!* this would still provide you with the necessary fitness & nutrition items at a discounted price!

we also have multiple packages, depending on your budget. all three different bundle packages are shown below! 

as a preferred client, you will receive a discounted price on ALL Arbonne items, so if you’re ballin’ on a budget, reach out to me & we will try to get you hooked up as best as possible!


link to my website:

happy shopping, friends!

link to my fit-stagram: plantbasedbootymamma

after placing your first Arbonne order, please feel free to email me at to tell me a little about yourself & some of the goals that you plan to accomplish from joining me on my health & fitness journey.

if you are looking to purchase my fitness program you can purchase it HERE!


I am beyond happy that all of you kick-ass people are so excited to be joining me on my health & fitness journey. now its OUR journey & I seriously can’t wait to see your results. I will be by your side & cheering you on every step of the way! let’s do the damn thang!

xoxo, plant based booty mamma.




just the two of us…

I’m going to start with the one of the¬†most important parts of this all.

where it all began.

it’s crazy to think that “we” used¬†to mean just¬†ry & I. but that was all that we knew & we were completely happy with that.

speaking of my guy & I…

surprisingly¬†*sarcasm*, our relationship took off at high-speed from the get-go. we weren’t one of those couples that really tried to ease into things. (psh, kids)

we were each others from the second we met.

a night or two¬†after we met, I was spending some girl time with my kyra¬†lady¬†(hello last half slice of pumpkin pie) & I will never forget telling her, “I could spend forever with this guy, but if for some reason it doesn’t work out that way, I want him to stay in my life.”

ugh, I’m so fortunate to still have him by my side.

what we have together, is so much more than a relationship. we are the best of friends, always have been.

* a little fun fact for all of ya. we have been together for just¬†a few days short of three years & we have never, not even once, spent a full day away from one another. yes, we’re¬†one of THOSE couples. *

I remember sitting in his room (which would later become my room) & thinking to myself, “holy moly, this is it, like this is really it, he’s the one”.

that night, we were getting comfy & cozy to watch a movie. I was drinking a glass of root beer (our all time favorite drank) as I yelled to him, “get¬†your booty over here!!!”, so that¬†we could start the movie. he¬†REAL LIFE¬†came¬†running over, jumped onto the couch (like a damn ninja) &¬†splashed soda¬†all over me & into my eyes!¬† I took off running up the stairs to rinse out my¬†eyeballs &¬†ry followed close behind to make sure I didn’t fall down,¬†ya know, considering he¬†temporarily blinded me & all… after rinsing my eyes, I¬†started to cry. it seriously hurt. he pulled me in close &¬†said,” I know this is probably a bad time, but I can’t keep it to myself any longer kristen, I’m in love with you, like I really love you.”¬†of course, I started crying even harder.¬†I was ecstatic, so¬†ecstatic that¬†I didn’t realize I didn’t say it back! he went mute.¬†after a¬†hot minute,¬†it registered & I yelled, “oh my gosh! no, no, no! I love you too, so much!” we hadn’t been together for very long, hell, we hadn’t even seen each others bad sides yet, but we were certain of one thing. we were crazy about each other.

when you know, you know.

& we knew. so much so, that we moved in together after only dating for¬†a few¬†short months… INTO HIS PARENTS HOUSE! we were out of minds. I wouldn’t change a thing.

we spent¬†many months just¬†appreciating¬†our time¬†together & traveling (damn near impossible now with a tiny & three fur kiddos)!¬†¬†multiple trips to the zoo & to universal studios,¬†a few trips to catalina island &¬†one trip to the east coast to meet his whole family (the humidity murdered my hair lol).¬†we¬†really¬†got to know each other, inside & out. the good & the ugly! we argued a lot, but we loved each other a lot, more. no matter how¬†incredible¬†your relationship is, there will always be things to argue about. if not,¬†RUN!¬†that man is not¬†human.¬†RYAN drives me absolutely bananas sometimes… like, is it really that hard to flush the damn toilet? or throw your dirty¬†clothes INTO the hamper, not on the floor next to it? or maybe even not play video games for 8 hours straight? I’m trying to watch me some criminal minds, guy!

2013-2014 1450.JPG2013-2014 897.JPG2013-2014 1020.JPG

despite our silly differences, our love conquered everything. it was now late october &¬†we¬†were dead set¬†on¬†getting our own¬†little¬†place! we¬†rented a one bedroom apartment, the next town over (little did we know there would be a new addition arriving soon)!¬†we couldn’t get our furniture moved in until the day after we signed our lease, but waiting to sleep in our new home was most definitely not an option. we spent our first night sleeping on the floor, surrounded by candles,¬†smiling from ear to ear.

I don’t think we actually got any sleep that night. NO, not because of “that”! you dirty dogs. okay, maybe a little bit of that… but honestly, we spent the most of our night being mushy, gushy & gross. discussing our future together, being direct about exactly what we wanted in life. we quickly figured out exactly want we wanted… us, this, each other. we even talked about “the b word” yep! babies! we picked out names (that we didn’t even end up going with lol), we talked about how adorable our kids would be (& hopefully tall). trust me guys!!! we had it all figured out!!! *more sarcasm*

three days later, on halloween, I asked ryan a question that he saw coming from 1,000,000 miles away.

* SO, as most of you know, if you follow me on social media, I am completely animal crazy. like, I could¬†most definitely¬†have 99 dogs & 20 cats (eh, they’re still furry) & be the happiest woman alive.

ryan? not so much! when we met, his family had¬†one cat (whom they still have & is a complete a-hole). he had never had a dog before… how did he survive his whole life without a doggy? your answer is as good as mine.*

I decided to meet him in the middle on this one. (lucky bastard)

OKAY, I’m sure you all know what is coming, at this point… that morning we woke up & ry surprised me by telling me that he had the day off! I thought to myself, “okay kris, go for it, you got this!” he was rambling on & on about somethin’ (probably football or¬†me being excessive about something, whatever *rolls eyes*)¬†& I couldn’t even wait until he finished blabbing.¬†I blurted out, I need a baby kitty, & I need it now!” he had a huge smile on his face & said, “well it’s saturday, let’s head over¬†to petsmart & see if they have any kittens for adoption!” I don’t think I’ve ever put clothes on so fast.

*let me just remind all of you, this was ME who wanted a baby kitty. ME. not ryan.*

when we got there,¬†both of us¬†held 4 or 5 kittens, but none stuck out as our cat. then ryan saw “itsy”. he picked her up & it was immediate. that sweet little “itsy” became our “rooney” in a heartbeat. more like ryan’s rooney, but whatever. if you know us personally, YOU KNOW about ry & roon, but you’ll hear more about that later!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetdec 2014- july 2015 085.JPGdec 2014- july 2015 021.JPG

then there were 3…

ryan continued to work hard (as usual) to make ends meet & I held down the fort while I was in between jobs. we missed¬†him¬†so much during the day. I will never forget when¬†I thought rooney was a lot to handle… my 3 pound kitten. I used to text ry while he was at work saying, “bub, you need to come home, the cat won’t stop meowing & climbing shit!!!” I had absolutely no idea what life had in store for me.

it was finally time for the holiday season… you have probably already assumed I’m wild about the holidays, right?¬†my mama, who is no longer with us, was CRAZY about the holidays, so it’s kind of my way of keeping her here, with me. you better believe I decorated every inch of that apartment, top to bottom.

dec 2014- july 2015 058.JPG

we went hard on christmas that year. let’s just say, we ate cup o’ noodles for quite some time, after that. so worth it.

OH. & no big deal or anything, ryan gave me my promise ring, on christmas morning!

dec 2014- july 2015 845.JPGdec 2014- july 2015 808.JPG

I know what you’re thinking, “if that’s your promise ring, imagine what your wedding ring will look like!” yep. he’s amazing.

it was the best christmas yet.

come february, I was getting that itch again.. ya know… the one, where you NEED another pet? no? just me? alright. but this time, the itch was being specific… it was screaming, “german shepard!!!!!” so¬†freaky right? this was not going to be quite as easy. I had been thinking about it for days, but I waited until Monday to go look as this little girl I had my eye on. it was the day before valentine’s day, why not spend a few thousand dollars¬†on a dog for your girlfriend for v-day? seemed legit to me, so I went to see her. I had to have her. ryan immediately said, “no babe, we don’t need her!” well duh, I didn’t say we needed her.¬†that night, when he got off work, we went to see her one¬†last time jussssst to make sure.

I literally saw his¬†mind change¬†the second he saw her. “babe, are you sure it’s a no?” & he responded with, “god damnit, she’s perfect.”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetdec 2014- july 2015 3114.JPGdec 2014- july 2015 2994.JPG

then there were 4…

he named her charlie.¬†letting him name her was the least I could do! she was a terror. a complete & utter terror. there were¬†multiple¬†occasions¬†where ryan said & I QUOTE, “I don’t love her, babe, I¬†don’t love this¬†animal.”¬†I never, in my life thought a sweet little girl could possibly be so bad… another thing that I will come back to at a different time.

regardless of how much damage she did, we did love her & she has ended up being one of our biggest blessings.

she’s my best friend.

a few weeks later we went on our first family vacay with our little devil pup, to sequoia national park! I was about to begin a new job, so we thought we would celebrate a bit. every morning we ate crappy hotel breakfast & then went to hike our butts off, for four days straight. it was a blast.

dec 2014- july 2015 3772.JPGdec 2014- july 2015 3773.JPGdec 2014- july 2015 3786.JPG

on monday morning, we headed back home. it was THE WORST car ride of my life. I was getting sick every ten minutes on the dot. ryan had to pull over on the freeway multiple times & I added a little bit of character to a gas station in bakersfield… by¬†covering it in throw up¬†(sorry gas station guy!)

*hint hint, kane’s due date was exactly nine months after our trip to sequoia*

when we got home, I slept for two days straight before starting my new job. as I’m writing this, I’m thinking to myself, “really kristen, you didn’t think something else¬†was going on?” so dumb.

the first week of my new job, I spent the majority of my mornings in the bathroom. of course, I chalked¬†it up to a tummy bug & ignored “the other” alternative. that saturday, I was still feeling icky. ry finally¬†said, “babe,¬†I don’t think you’re sick… it would have subsided by now.”

& off to walgreen’s we went

we were about to get the best news of our lives

dec 2014- july 2015 4146.JPG

there it was, clear as day!

our kane was growing in my tumtum.

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